Is Brackish Water Fit for Drinking?

People who reside near coastal areas find it difficult to get used to the salty water supply.. The odour and salt content present in huge quantity makes it highly unfit for drinking. Hence, there arises a need for RO purifier in India that can treat this water. Although brackish water, which is considerably a mixture of fresh water and salty water, has less saline content than sea water, people generally find it difficult to drink it due to the high salt content present in it.

How Does Brackish Water Help During Illness?

Brackish water comes handy in situations where you or your loved ones are suffering from dehydration or waterborne diseases. In the absence of pure drinking water during occurrence of natural calamity, this type of water can save your life till the time you can receive some medical help. All the drinks that are specifically created for rehydrating your body back to health contain a considerable amount of sodium content to improve your deteriorating health.

What Makes Brackish Water Devoid of Microorganisms?

Due to the presence of salt, microorganisms are unable to survive properly in such water making it one of the preferred choices for using the water. But, due to its salty taste and bad odour, people avoid using it for any purpose. Undissolved sand particles, sea minerals, and salt are prevalent in the purifiers.

In spite of being helpful during dehydration, the sodium level in brackish water is bit high when compared to normal drinking water. Anything in excessive amount like presence of excess sodium ions in blood can lead to constricted blood vessels and increase in blood volume. This may ultimately give rise to heart-related diseases, which lead to heart attacks and stroke causing untimely death. Thus, brackish water is not fit for drinking purposes.

How Can a Water Purifier Treat Brackish Water Effectively?

Brackish water requires treatment before being consumed by humans. You can do this by switching to the best range of RO purifier in India.These water purifiers have enhanced abilities to get rid of the undesirable chemicals, gases and suspended soil particles from untreated water.

When compared to sea water desalination process, the process for desalinating brackish water occurs at high pressure. The high pressure pump present in the RO system applies more pressure on salt in brackish water. They drive brackish water through semi-permeable membrane, where the filtration process takes place on a full-fledged note. Depending upon the amount of salt present in water, the pressure to be applied is decided. RO purifiers are capable of removing 99 percent of salt from brackish water, thus making pure water available for drinking purpose.

While selecting RO purifiers for your household, do not select any random RO system, which cannot effectively meet your requirements. Opt for the best RO purifier in India, which is specifically developed to treat such waters. Unlike the normal purifies, RO systems crafted for treating brackish water operate at higher level of TDS controller ranging between 1000 and 5000 ppm.

Industries, which deal with manufacturing and food processing, install such kind of RO purifiers so that brackish water can be effectively treated and the outcome of the treatment is pure, safe and odourless drinking water, which is tasty as well and contains all the necessary minerals.

Tiffany & Co has a Consensus Rating of “Buy”

Tiffany & Co which is a holding company that operates through a number of subsidiary companies was given a hold rating by KeyCorp. Prior to this, it has given a hold rating to Tiffany and in its recent research report to its investors, KeyCorp reaffirmed its rating.

The other brokerage firms are also giving either buy or hold rating to Tiffany & Co. since the company posted its quarterly earnings on August 24th. Back then the specialty retailer has come up with an EPS of $0.92 for the quarter beating the analysts’ estimates by $0.06.

Those brokerage houses that have given a ‘hold’ rating include Royal Bank of Canada and Needham & Company LLC. The ones who have given a ‘buy’ rating are Bank of America Corporation with a target price of $110.00 a share, Oppenheimer Holdings, Inc, BidaskClub actually raised its ratings from ‘buy’ to “strong buy.”

Eleven analysts have given a ‘hold’ rating and eleven others are in favour of a buy. Currently, the stock has a consensus rating of “Buy” and the average target price is  $94.91.

Some of the institutional investors and the Hedge funds have recently made some changes to their positions in Tiffany. While the Swiss National Bank increased its holdings, Voya Investment Management LLC actually lowered its stake by 3.3% in Tiffany & Co in the Q2. It now holds 58,607 shares after parting with 1,993 shares during the second quarter.

As the company operates through its subsidiary companies, its main subsidiary is Tiffany which is a specialty retailer and a jeweller. The company’s operations are in different parts of the world including countries like Japan, Asia-Pacific, America.

Luxury Market Shifting by Tiffany and Co.

The past two years of Tiffany and Co. have not been good. Their sales had been experiencing a dip and now the company is making new efforts to overcome their sale crisis. In order to revitalize the company’s top line, a new Chief Executive Officer was deployed in early October. The new CEO is Alessandro Bogliolo.

The Cast of the Industry Focus

Consumer goods are still involved in discussions pertaining to the hurdles, challenges and opportunities of the company. Every specific initiative taken by Tiffany and Co. is being properly examined so that it can attract a new business in the luxury market, which is targeted at high end customers.

Many experts believe that the reason why Tiffany and Co. is not able to increase its former heights is because the customers are not that interested in diamonds any more. Sustainability, sourcing and environmental concerns are the thoughts that are flooding the minds of people and their liking for diamonds and other precious stones seems to be decreasing.

According to various researchers, if Tiffany and Co. wants to get back on track, then it is supposed to regain the trust and loyalty of its customers. It is supposed to make the customers believe that whatever diamonds they sell have the best aesthetic beauty and they are responsibly sourced. This way, they can build their brand image again and attract more customers.

Since Tiffany and Co. is a trademark and juggernaut when it comes to diamonds and precious stones in the luxury market, it looks like the company will achieve its targets and objectives in the longer run. The younger generation, as of now, is not appreciating luxury jewellery, but they are going to do so in the time to come.

Moreover, Tiffany and Co. has decided to expand its product variety of watches and other accessories so that it can attract some part of youth population also.

5 Useful Tips to Make Cold Pressed Juice at Home

Cold pressed juice is something that most of the health freaks vouch for. The argument in favour of cold pressed juicing is that this technique enables the extraction of maximum vitamins, minerals, enzymes and pulp from vegetables and fruits. It is basically extracted using thousands of pounds of pressure with no addition of any sort of heat or oxygen to keep the nutrients intact.

The slow-pressing or masticating juicers are such juicers in the market that can make cold pressed juice easily and efficiently at home for you. Here are few useful tips that will help you get the right kind of juice at home.

  • Get the Right Juicer: Buy the right kind of juicer that is designed specifically for making cold pressed juice. A cold press juicer is designed to slowly compress the fruits and vegetables to ‘squeeze’ out the juice. The centrifugal juicers, on the other hand, use high-speed force to separate juice from the pulp, which generates heat that oxidises the nutrients.

  • Wash Your Fruits and Vegetables: The vegetables and fruits that you get from a mall look very clean and tidy, but you should always wash them properly before putting them in a juicer. If they are contaminated, then the whole purpose of having juice will be defeated and you might end up with stomach infection.

  • Try Making It Look Green: Healthy juice is the one that has loads of greens in it. Green vegetables are packed with nutrients. It is natural for green vegetables to have chlorophyll, which when you consume through cold pressed juice, helps in oxygenating your body. They are also perfect for cleansing and detoxifying the body, improving blood circulation and boosting energy. They are safe to consume for diabetics too as the green vegetable juices do not spike blood sugar.

  • Timing Matters: Having a glass of juice after your meals is simply a waste of effort. After you have food, gulping down juice is of no use. The best time to have juice is on empty stomach. It’s best if you can have it in the morning, half an hour before your breakfast or else at least before meals. Only then, the body will be able to absorb all those amazing nutrients that are available in cold pressed juices.

  • Go Organic: The produce today is laden with chemical fertilizers, pesticides and insecticides, which even get leached into the fruits and vegetables. Having the juice of such fruits and vegetables can be more harmful than beneficial for health. Try to consume more of the organic products, which is free from all such chemicals.

There are many good cold press juicers available in the market today that promise to give the right kind of cold pressed juice. The juices extracted from them are healthier and tastier and most of the nutrients and fibre remain intact. They come with different filter screens like a fine-meshed one for hard fruits and vegetables or a wide-meshed screen for soft fruits and vegetables.

The cold pressed juices are delicious and the right way to start your day on a healthy note. Try to invest in a good slow-press or masticating juicer to get your glass of healthy juice everyday.

Why Should You Carry Dehydrated and Frozen Food for Your Camping?

One of the biggest challenges of activities like bush-crafting and backpacking is planning for the right kind of meals for the coming days. Having a good meal while you are out with your family or friends for camping are one of the best things on the trip. Obviously, you don’t want to spoil those moments, but the fact is that the choices are very limited.

Carry the Light Stuff

But, when you go all alone, there is no scope for a cooler. This means that you should be carrying something lightweight, which is east to store and easier to prepare. Above all, the food should be something that can be stored for days to come without getting spoiled.

Using the Frozen and Dehydrated Food

Frozen and dehydrated food items are good solutions but not the most appropriate ones. Sometimes, if you have one of those leather backpacks that are not of high quality, it can work faster towards making your food stale. You may think that visiting an outdoor store and buying frozen stuffs from there could be the end of all your worries. While that can actually put all your worries to end if you camp once in a blue moon but if you are a regular camper then by the end of 6 months or so, you would realized that you ended up spending a fortune on those store food specialty items.

Making Home-Made Dehydrated Items

But, there always is a way if you trust yourself. This will save you a good deal of money. If you prepare yourself to spend one afternoon all by yourself in your kitchen you would be able to come up with some great food items at dirt cheap prices. These would not only save you money but will also be much healthier and tastier than what you buy from those stores. So, you should work towards making home-made dehydrated items for your camping and backpacking.

Advantages of Dehydrated Camping Meals Made at Home

Let us take a look at the various advantages offered by dehydrated backpacking and camping meals made at home. To begin with saves a lot of money as they much cheaper compared to the food items brought from stores. Preparing the food yourself gives you the freedom to make food of your choice and add flavors that you like. You also have all the freedom to customize the amount of vegetables, starches and meat you want in your food, plus these home-made items don’t have any preservatives.

You can easily prepare these foods to stay with you for a longer period without getting spoilt. As you’ll be preparing the food, you would know how to much to prepare and how much you’d be able to pack easily.

You can also easily make your food nutrients rich that will keep you going while you fight those bushes and trails while you are camping.

Above all, they are very easy to prepare; food items prepared at home can be easily dehydrated with an oven or you can even go for solar dehydration of the prepared food items.

How to Get Rid of Stains on Leather Bags and Backpacks?

High end leather backpacks are considered as status symbols for people who own them. But, if you end up staining the leather surface then it can be a big turn off. We know for the fact that leather is expensive, more so when they are carefully handcrafted. Even the regular leather backpacks don’t come any cheaper than hundred of dollars and the high end designer ones sell for even thousands together. These backpacks need different kinds of cleaning strategies.

Differences in Leather

The problem is that leather in one backpack always differs from leather in another and this could very frustrating for people who are trying to clean them. This is exactly the reason why today there are so many shops in the market who just offer the services of cleaning leather bags and leather materials. These professionals don’t offer their services any cheaper. In fact, at times these professionals even charge you the amount that you originally paid for the leather purse or the belt.

You don’t want to be spending such kind of money unnecessarily on your leather bags and for this, it is important that you know certain methods to clean and maintain these bags all by yourself. This way not only will you save a good deal of money but your bag will also last much longer.

Maintaining Various Kinds of Leather

As we stated earlier, different kinds of leather requires different treatment and the agents you need to clean them also differ. Choose the ones with good emulsion properties. These can easily get rid of dirt along with stains that are oil based like the ones from pen inks or oil spills. Conditioning compounds are also good for the health of leather. These are good to make your leather stuffs more resistant to water and keep shining in the process. Make sure that you don’t put water on your leather bags as it would destroy its structure and form by making it shrink.

How to Clean the Leather?

Let us look at some simple and effective ways of cleaning leather backpacks on your own. Buy cotton balls, rubbing alcohol, which is around 65% to 70% solution and light oil.

Some of the common oils that can be tried are jojoba oil, soy oil, flax seed, olive oil etc.

Add sufficient alcohol to the cotton balls. With the balls slowly pat the regions that are stained. You can choose to put a little pressure but don’t be vigorous as it may rub off the actual texture or color of the leather. Wait for around 15 minutes or as much time it takes to dry up the leather.

After you see that there is no more alcohol on the surface, check if the stains are completely gone. If there is hardly any improvement to be seen then once again repeat the process and continue doing so for few times till the stain goes off but make sure that the actual color is not gone because of excess scrubbing. If the stain in not present any more, use few ore cotton balls and wet them with oil.

Rub the surface with oil soaked cotton balls; this will act like a moisturizer on the leather surface.

Four Common Myths Busted about Getting 6-Pack Abs

Today, almost everyone wishes to get 6 pack abs and some of them are frantically trying to find out ways to quickly achieve well-toned body with abs that any girl would die for. But, there are so much of details online (few of which also misguide people) that it is not easy to figure out what you are doing is actually right or not. So, few of the common myths about six pack abs are busted here; if you have any misconceptions, then get to know what the truth is!

Myth 1: Performing Crunches Daily Will Tone Abs Quickly

This is one of the most common myths that many people who are working out to get six pack abs believe in, but it is not the reality. Doing crunches does not burn calories quickly, but rather burns very few calories in a minute. When crunches are done, the abdominal will get strengthened, but this does not help you to lose the fat covering your abs. This is the layer that you will have to concentrate on getting rid of, if you want to show off your abs

Myth 2: Sit-Ups Do Not Work

Few people think that sit-ups are outdated and consider that they will not help in building abdominal muscles. But, this is not the truth again. Sit-ups work out well if it is done in the correct manner. This holds good for all abdominal exercises. If these exercises are not performed in the right manner, they will be only half effective as the same exercise when performed correctly. Whenever you begin a new exercise, learn correctly how the exercise has to be done.

Myth 3: Excessive Workout Will Help in Achieving 6-Pack Abs Quickly

Don’t assume that excessive workouts will help you to get 6 pack abs quickly. This is not at all true. You should never exercise for toned abs for more than three or four times in a week. Performing exercises daily will only make your system weaker, thus leading to slowdown of your body’s muscle building process.

Myth 4: There Are Specific Exercises to Burn Belly Fat

Several people have a thin belly fat layer covering their abs muscles. Till the time you eliminate this fat layer, you can never get to see the well-defined abs beneath it. Few people think that there are particular exercises to burn belly fat without really losing fat from other parts of the body, but this is not the fact.

Performing exercises targeting your belly will not help in burning belly fat alone, but rather help in reducing fat from the entire body. So, understand that there is no use of trying to burn only belly fat alone, and you won’t be able to find any magic formula for the same.

If you want to decrease belly fat, you have to burn more calories than you consume. So, consuming a low-fat diet and exercising regularly is the key to success.

We hope that the above write-up would have helped you in clarifying few of the common myths about 6-pack abs. So, keep the facts in mind and if you have any doubts, get them clarified from a professional trainer instead of believing in any of the myths blindly.