Jean Schlumberger, Tiffany Jeweller Bedazzles Honk Kong with a New Collection

Jean Schlumberger is a well-known designer who works for Tiffany. He is very popular for his unique concepts and great design. While some people may think that crickets are infuriating creatures, Jean on the other hand takes inspiration from them and thus launched his new collection. He thinks that these insects are just as pretty as butterflies and therefore he has created jewellery that have the shape of the cricket and their bodies sparkle with all the adorned jewellery pieces like gemstones and other colourful precious stones. The tails and legs are also very intricately designed using platinum and yellow gold.

This collection is certainly amongst the finest collections that have been created by the people of France for the last twenty years. This collection will be put on display at an event that is scheduled to take place in Honk Kong in the first week of December. The event will be a part of Masterpiece Collection which will pay a tribute to Schlumberger and all his pieces of jewellery.


He worked in Tiffany from the year 1956 up to 1970 and this has been the most creative period for Tiffany. He is amongst the most celebrated designers of all time. Kirtley says that he is a master of originality that stuns people.

Because his jewellery was so popular, he was the most sought after designer by the famous and rich people like Gloria Guiness, C.Z Guest, Duchess of Windsor, Jaqueline Kennedy and Greta Garbo.

This event which is taking place in Honk Kong is reserved for people who receive an invitation. They will be able to witness some of his best works and great forms of art like the crickets, butterflies, brilliant earrings and rings, glittering bracelets and iconic floral necklaces.


Good News: Iconic Jewellery Brand Tiffany & Co will be Shortly Launched at Bullring, Birmingham

One of the most loved iconic jewelry brands, Tiffany & Co has recently announced to launch its new store in Birmingham. It is likely to start operating from 16th of November.

The boutique will be located at the fourth floor of Selfridges store and will be equipped with latest collections of jewellery and watches. Under one roof customers can grab products from Tiffany T range, Fleur de Lis, East West watches, CT60 and Tiffany City HardWear collections.

It is also being said that Hollywood star, Audrey Hepburn, will be a part of the opening ceremony at this new outlet. In fact, Audrey is often associated with Tiffany & Co.

For those who don’t know, Tiffany is one of the oldest American brands which has around 175 years of history. The first outlet was opened in the UK in the year 1986.

With this launch the count will reach to eleventh in the country, while it is going to be third in number for Selfridges. Selfridges London and Manchester Exchange Square are the other two respective outlets.

Barratt West, Managing Director and Vice President of Tiffany & Co for the entire UK and Ireland in his speech said that he is more than excited to share this good news regarding the opening of their new boutique in Birmingham.

He further added that Birmingham is one of the fastest growing city with luxury marketplaces that carry the latest vibrant culture along with fashion. Hence customers at Bullring can also look out for other jewelry brands such as Thomas Sabo, Pandora, Goldsmith, Links of London, Omega Boutique and many more.

Coach, the most stylish fashion label of New York has recently launched its first store at Bullring which is an added advantage for customers to visit this happening place.


Tiffany Improved Its Relative Price Performance but Is It Enough?

Tiffany has improved its RS (Relative Strength) rating from 69 to 73 but is still short of that magical figure of 80. Decades of market research dictate that those stocks that are considered as the best bets in the market have a minimum rating of 80.


Relative strength is actually a momentum investing technique where the performance of a stock is compared to the overall market. Using this indicator, the investors identify which will be the top performers in a selected group of potential investments. The performance of each security can be compared to others in the same sector or to a selected benchmark index.

It’s the proprietary of IBD (Investor’s Business Daily), which tracks the securities on the scale of 1 to 99 with 1 being the worst and 99 the best rating score. This score shows the performance of the stock in the last 52 weeks against other stocks.

Following the improvement in the rating, the volume of shares traded on Tuesday rose to 3.7 million as against the average volume of 1.48 million shares. A healthy volume ensures that if you trade in a particular stock you don’t get stuck in a position.

The investors also compare the stock price to its moving day averages before investing in a particular company. Tiffany’s shares are 3.15% away from its 20-day average and 0.54% away from its 50-day moving average. Taking a long-term perspective, they are 4.89% away from the 200-day moving average. For technical stock analysis, these moving averages work as strong indicators. It helps the technical analysts figure out where the stock is and in which direction the probability of moving lies.

harlem based jewelry

Beyonce-Approved, Harlem-Based Jewelry Band Is Surely Going to Be Your Favourite

Kristin and Kofi Essel are a great example of power couple. Their creative designs gave rise to the fashion brand named Third Crown. The designs are so pretty that celebrities like Beyonce, Cardi B and Solange are their fans.

harlem based jewelry

Third Crown is quite popular because of its geometric, bold pieces that are crafted very exclusively from gun metal, gold and silver. An important signature component that is seen in their design is how they uniquely find ways to incorporate linking in the jewelry. The couple says that this linking is a symbolic representation of themselves as they are one entity.

The couple said that they initially wanted to start a business for designing clothes. But when Kristen moved to New York, she was getting jewelry jobs offered. So, she began working in that direction. Kofi wanted a rosary for himself and Kristen gifted him one. It was then that they got the idea of starting a jewelry brand.

The couple said that designing jewelry for their brand is their lifestyle and they want their jewelry to become the lifestyle of other people. They think that their jewelry is not like others because the pieces are not dainty knick knacks. They are big and have some weight, but are not heavy. The two factors that make them unique are geometry and dynamics. They are also gender fluid and are great for both men and women.

The couple also said that the best moment for them was when celebrities like Beyonce and Solange started wearing their jewelry. This was a huge moment for them and a very big accomplishment.

Their future plans include a photo shoot for their fall collection and they have called it the Prizm Collection. Their latest design is the Harlem link chain, which has the shape of a pyramid transformed into a signature style Cuban link chain.

Top 5 Must-Have Fashion Accessories for Women

It is a well-known fact that a woman’s wardrobe is her best friend. There are certain basic fashion essentials which every fashion-conscious woman should have in her wardrobe. Fashion is all about expressing your identity. The words of Clairee Belcher in Steel Magnolias, “The only thing that separates us from the animals is our ability to accessorize” explains the importance of accessorizing. Your creative ability to team your outfits along with accessories to suit your personal style is what defines you. Shopping for these accessories is never expensive with the availability of deals like Jabong discount coupons.

No matter what the season is, what the fashion trend is, these accessories were, are and always will be an essential women’s accessories.

  1. Sunglasses: Sunglasses have attained great popularity and demand among women. A pair of sexy sunglasses is a must to impress everyone. Besides being a style statement, they protect the eyes from the harmful UV rays of the sun. The skin around the eyes is extremely delicate and wearing sunglasses protects it from the wind, harsh rays and dust. While protecting your eyes, it gives a cool and trendy look to your personality.
  2. Scarves: This is the most classic item of all times, which proves as an iconic symbol of elegant women. It can be sported with tees, dresses, and in fact with anything you wear. It has multiple uses besides adding grace and style. It can be used to tie up the hair or cover them to protect from harsh rays. On a hot windy day, it can be used to cover the face. Scarves usually come in polka dots, stripes, paisleys and other such elaborate designs. You should always buy an oversized scarf so that it can be used as required.
  3. Bags: The right purse is a great outfit completer. Never ever underestimate the value of carrying the right kind of bag as it can make or break your look. They are the lexicons of style, so be very careful with choosing them. There are over 25 types of handbags like wristlets, evening bags, backpacks, sling bags etc. which makes it confusing to choose. Having the basic four bags in your collection will help you in all scenarios. These four basic bags are Crossbody bag, oversized bag, Clutch and a tote bag. These will take care of all occasions right from casual and semi-casual to a formal event.
  4. Belt: Woman’s belt reflects class with glamour and great sophistication. It has become an indispensable accessory nowadays. Trendy and colourful belts can add a pop of colour and make your outfit stand out. Some great choices are a skinny belt, braided belt and a leather or faux leather belt.
  5. Junk Jewellery: It is also one of the popular fashion accessories that are available for every pocket across the globe. Some of the popular junk items mainly include pendants, necklace and bracelets.

These are certain fashion accessories that you simply cannot do without. Do check out for deals on sites such as Couponhaat.

Delicate Raymond Launches Flagship Retail Collection at 73A Orchard Street

A jewelry designer, Michelle Zimmerman, owner of Delicate Raymond has released a flagship jewelry store at 73A Orchard Street between Grand and Broome. After the hit of her summer pop-up store up the street, her designs decorated the neck of New York A lists and Hollywood stars, Mischa Barton, Zoe Kravitz, Miley Cyrus, Marcia Cross, Carrie Underwood, Mischa Barton, and Mya. Now, she is launching a new showroom for the delicate Raymond Jewelry Bar that provides an exclusive experience for her growing follower base.

Michelle offers her A-list know-how to all clients with ‘Shape Your Shine’ necklaces bar. The store has a workshop where customers can work one-on-one with celeb designer Zimmerman to modify necklaces, bracelets, and earrings by style and length of the chain, and can select monogram, charms, and gems and engrave the parts with initials or even cut in them with phrases or names.

The ‘shine your way’ jewelry bar displays an inspiring variety of vintage designs priced at just 5 dollars for the fall. Other things to know about the luxuriously equipped new place include line accessories for little girls, aged below 10-years, and these ornaments are called as ‘Mini Delicate Raymond’.  The idea behind the new store is that the jewelry value grows with the girls and they can have the same ornaments as their mothers.  The new line is offered in fine boutiques nationwide, including Nina at Fred Segal, Ron Robinson at Fred Segal in Los Angeles, and one in Tokyo.

The price of the jewelry ranges from $40 to $300 and have been displayed on the pages of People Style Watch, In Style, W magazine, US Weekly, Lucky, and Woman’s Day. Michelle Zimmerman’s Delicate Raymond has been featured on some of the most recognizable fashion shows, award events, and red carpets, including New York Fashion Week, Golden Globes, and The Oscars respectively.

She is specialized in designing elegant and lightweight detailed jewelry; the celeb designer is known for creating successful combination of 14K gold and silver chains with pearls, semi precious crystals, and stones. Her grandfather was a great Gemologist and her childhood wish came true with the establishment of Delicate Raymond in 2005. She set a simple aim to surpass all the trends, producing affordable, timeless, yet sustainable jewelries. With her website,, Michelle Zimmerman is able to bring the new store experience online, allowing clients to develop statement pieces.