harlem based jewelry

Beyonce-Approved, Harlem-Based Jewelry Band Is Surely Going to Be Your Favourite

Kristin and Kofi Essel are a great example of power couple. Their creative designs gave rise to the fashion brand named Third Crown. The designs are so pretty that celebrities like Beyonce, Cardi B and Solange are their fans.

harlem based jewelry

Third Crown is quite popular because of its geometric, bold pieces that are crafted very exclusively from gun metal, gold and silver. An important signature component that is seen in their design is how they uniquely find ways to incorporate linking in the jewelry. The couple says that this linking is a symbolic representation of themselves as they are one entity.

The couple said that they initially wanted to start a business for designing clothes. But when Kristen moved to New York, she was getting jewelry jobs offered. So, she began working in that direction. Kofi wanted a rosary for himself and Kristen gifted him one. It was then that they got the idea of starting a jewelry brand.

The couple said that designing jewelry for their brand is their lifestyle and they want their jewelry to become the lifestyle of other people. They think that their jewelry is not like others because the pieces are not dainty knick knacks. They are big and have some weight, but are not heavy. The two factors that make them unique are geometry and dynamics. They are also gender fluid and are great for both men and women.

The couple also said that the best moment for them was when celebrities like Beyonce and Solange started wearing their jewelry. This was a huge moment for them and a very big accomplishment.

Their future plans include a photo shoot for their fall collection and they have called it the Prizm Collection. Their latest design is the Harlem link chain, which has the shape of a pyramid transformed into a signature style Cuban link chain.

Latest Designs at Milan Fashion Week

Last year, we saw fashion week in the form of extolling collection as the ultimate in no-brainer outfits, designers seemed to be exhausting of them. There was versatility of separates on the runways every often. Today’s designers have been working too hard to make their creations that seem innovative, simple, fresh, and easy to wear. Even prominent designers like Victoria Beckham think twice before finalizing the combination; she says sorting out which bottom goes with which top can need quite a lot of analyzing.

After New York and London, here is Milan where designers have come up with a beautiful result in which costumes look like separates but are in fact well turned-out outfits.  Looks like there is nothing impossible for designers; yes, the rigidity in creating the non-flexible dresses combined with tricky layering in order to make it look like separate pieces says all the efforts of designers.

The ingenuity of few multi-colored pieces is impressive; the designer Christopher Kane has created a simple looking mini dress with press studs and flaps that can be repositioned to make useful pockets. Another positive impact of all these designs is more compliant and lighter fabrics. D&G’s high waist-line skirts looked graceful, not heavy or bulky. Layers and lace worn over slip costumes at Moschino diffused the patterns and shades underneath. Agona’s reversible coats are lighter in weight than a baby’s scarf, yet luxurious. Luxury has become the latest sensation everywhere; Italian manufacturers are once again coming with their designers after the growth of Chinese manufacturers in the form of cashmere coats, raffia embroidery, and less wedge shoes; the skirt lengths are usually lowered alongside necklines, thigh, and cleavage.

Prada: The designer Miuccia Prada segued into sandal platforms, offering geisha shoes; she put Japanese inspired plastic flowers on majority of the designs, from school girl dresses, sunglasses, and furs to bags.

Etro: It displayed Grecian inspired one-shoulder gowns, city chic culotte’s suits, poncho handkerchief tops, Ibiza Town floaty dresses, and Indian party wear dresses. The floral prints worked well in Veronica Etro collections.

Moschino: It showed beehive, boxy shaped, metallic mini dresses and most of them are available in white and black shades. As usual, it featured beautifully made A-line, stripes, plastic flowers, trousers, and classic dresses.

Jai Sander: Ms. Sander has always brought minimalism to be unique and her sophistication simplicity has reached on the high street since 8 years in this fashion world. The simple tulip skirts, raglan sleeves, pinafore dresses, and loose jackets were quite impressive.

Hoodies: An Easier Way of Staying Warm This Winter

The most preferred and needed clothing in winter is hoodies by default. They never lose their importance and vibe. They are in fact the most desired clothing all year long. A myth existed in the past that hoodies are just baggy clothing and is a way to hide, but with the changing time, hoodies have become the most fashionable clothing mainly in winters. Hoodies are a type of sweatshirt that comes with an attached hoody. There are plenty of Hoodies available in market to match and complement different body styles and personalities.

  • If you are looking forward for an easy to wear hoody, then Zipper models are the best option as they come with a zipper, which supports easy wearing and removing. These hoodies are mostly preferred by athletes and players because they are casual and trendy and mainly they protect from the chilling cold during their practice. So, if you are a sportsperson, it is an ideal choice for you. Many players have hoodies as their professional outfit with their names on it.
  • Non-players who are looking for something that could just help them look stylish this winter can go for pullover hoodies. They are trendy and can be paired with jeans and shorts to get the perfect look. They come with adjustable drawstrings over neck and waist to achieve a perfect and suitable fit. They are a perfect piece of clothing not only for men, but for women as well.

The hoodies can be worn on any occasion as it is versatile clothing. It can fit anyone’s requirement list, being semi formal and casual clothing at the same time. Many people, especially the youth, have a craze about hoodies because along with being fashionable and trendy, they are comfortable. Comfort is the main thing to be focused while opting for any sort of clothes. You need not have to be a geek to go for a hoody. People go for it because these hoodies are easy to carry. There are many ways to accessorize it; one of the easiest and most followed ways is to accessorize it with a scarf and this could also act as a layering in winter to protect in winter but if followed in summer, it could turn out to be a fashion disaster.

Recently, people have been making use of hoodies as a promotional item too. College students tend to print the names of their college on the hoodies. The soccer team, base ball team or basketball team- everyone is getting their team’s name on their hoodies along with their number. This is an excellent way of showcasing team spirit.

Just as the hoodies come in different styles, they also come in different colours. They can be found at any cloth store near you. They can please people from any group and they are a beginning of a new fashion era.

Must-Have Fashion Designing Skills That Isn’t Covered in Fashion Schools

Fashion school is a place where students come to learn about fashion. In fashion schools, most of your time is spent to learn to create fashion sewing, flat pattern making etc. While these are must-have skills, it’s not enough when you are trying to land your first job in the fashion industry. In real world, there’s something that has to be learnt; those skills are sketches, develop garment specs, CAD and presenting boards. In this article, we will discuss such skills and its importance in the fashion industry.

Draping and Patternmaking

These are valuable skills that will come handy when you deal with a lot of fits. However, fittings are usually done by other people. If you learn this, you will have an idea of creating a good fit. It’s not so much necessary unless you plan to enter project runway.


On the creative side of design, sewing plays a very important role. It’s good to understand the general concepts of garment designing. You must know how to give a proper shape using sewing.


Sadly, fashion illustrations are a dying art in the industry – they are used by designers in the world. It has been replaced with computer drawn stylized technical sketches, which are much more practical. Fashion schools have not followed heavily on illustrations and not enough flat sketching.

Computer Programs

Computer is used everywhere and so it’s become very important to learn the programming basics so that you can modify and generate your desirable outcome. At least, learn Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Excel and Adobe Illustrator. Those are very frequently used tools.

Flat Sketching

While interviewing candidates for design positions, normally it’s seen that the company expects that it must be filled with beautiful illustrations. If flats are included in their portfolios, very basics are used with lack of important details. If their workings are good, then there is high probability of getting a good job along with good pay cheque. But, most of them don’t know the Photoshop properly.

A lot of fashion school grads seriously believe that they know it, but the reality seems different – have to work very hard to learn it. Fashion skills don’t teach these skills for entry level designers, which are very important to finish. They are taught about very basic skills and also nothing fruitful because the students are not trained properly. To learn these skills, one can Google, watch Youtube video, read books, and choose other options too.

Top Online Buying Tips Women Fashion Wear

Most of the young women are now conscious about fashion in their day-to-day basis getup. Whether are you a housewife or working corporate lady, the fashion’s Pandora box has everything to satisfy the ladies on the planet.

Today, being in a liberal world, women have felt quite comfortable to experiment with fashion in every stage whether you are a student or working mom or a new mom. Fashion specialists have every odd combination that works out to be a unique style. So, it’s always recommended that you do something that is easy to do. Always try to experiment something that is in your control, which is comfortable for you.

The best way to decide is to browse your favorite online shopping portal and look for something that you can carve out to be interesting. Jabong online shopping or Snapedeal online shopping or any other fashion site shopping for that matter can serve you with an enormous collection of trendy and daily use dresses. Remember, you are dressing to please yourself, so take the time to find the best outfit for yourself.

Today, online shops will also give you a vast array of khakis, jeans, yoga and cropped pants, which can be put on any type of top. Sometimes, a baggie pant can please you. Or a short skirt could be something that could accompany you for years. So, the best idea is to save your time, scroll your favorite online shop and find something that can really please you and make you comfortable throughout the year. Use these Jabong online shopping coupons to get best discounts on your fashion wear.

So, the first and foremost thing that you can do is compare the sections on various online shops. It’s about pleasing yourself and you are shading your sweat moving from one store to another to select something. All you need to do is to shortlist the outfits and add them to the wish list. Let’s say today, you add them to your wish list and after 2 or three days you open them again and look at the wish list and add the best to your cart and may be one fine day you can finish the shopping.

But there is another way by which you can get excellent benefits out of online shopping. The answer is deal sites. Today, immense deal sites like Couponhaat are on the air that can offer attractive deals on numerous products. There are some deal sites that specialize only in women’s clothing. All you need to do is to download the coupon from the deal sites and use it while making the purchase.

It’s one of the smartest ways of shopping these days. Many folks save a lot of money following this process and taking the culture of deal sites to great heights.

6 Crucial Dos and Don’ts That You Must Know About Men’s Designer Jeans

Men’s designer jeans have gained a lot of popularity, and come a long way since their introduction. Starting from the regular straight fit jeans to the designer pieces, companies are managing to keep pace with the latest fashion trends, and meet the constantly-changing expectations of the buyers. There are several experiments being done on this clothing range. There are some styles that are beyond the imagination. Few styles will come and go, and there will be changes in accordance with the seasons. So, you need to stay informed and get updates regarding the styles that fit your body.

  • There are several designer jeans such as Voi jeans, Mish mash, and Firetrap that have stayed alive in the competition just because of the perception of buyer’s desire. The quality of the denim clothing is great, affordable and long lasting. Most of the jeans are machine washable. Jeans manufacturers have given more importance to use colors such as blue, black, and white. You can also see some funky colors according to the change in trends. One can also find gray and sheer tan jeans.
  • When it comes to maintenance, one can find many jeans styles. Some of them can be cleaned using light and dark wash, and you must be careful in washing them. Use of stone wash and acid wash is also common in dark colored jeans. Men with chiseled looks can opt for a slim fit. Even the lower crotch would fit nice for the one who has got a perfectly toned body.
  • The first thing that you need to do is to get an idea of your physique. Before selecting the jeans, you need to know your length and waist size. You can also see jeans available with drawstring elasticized waist rather than having a buttoned waist. You can also see variations with respect to fly styles. One can select the buttoned fly and also the zip fly. If you are looking forward to pair your jeans along with a t-shirt, it is best to look for a jean with sporty look.
  • For instance, you can see sporty jeans under Voi jeans, which is also termed as designer jogger jeans. It has got large buttoned pockets, cuffed ankles, and elasticized waist. It is recommended to avoid wearing sandals with designer jeans. There are plenty of jeans. Slim fit can look the best with boots.
  • Make sure that you never pair your jeans with boots, if you prefer regular straight fits. Usually, shoes go well with designer jeans. It is also habitual for people who want to wear designer jeans with chic belts. It is the new fashion trend to accessorize jeans with belts. Jeans go well with pewter or silver buckles. However, don’t try formal jeans with trendy belts with fashionable buckles. Make sure that you look for the best color combination before you pick.
  • You can also find leather belts, which perfectly suit men’s designer jeans. You can also get them through online fashion portals, and even retail outlets. You can always create your own style by matching different jeans pairs with different accessories. So, go ahead, and make a bold fashion statement with the designer jeans this season.