Is Brackish Water Fit for Drinking?

People who reside near coastal areas find it difficult to get used to the salty water supply.. The odour and salt content present in huge quantity makes it highly unfit for drinking. Hence, there arises a need for RO purifier in India that can treat this water. Although brackish water, which is considerably a mixture of fresh water and salty water, has less saline content than sea water, people generally find it difficult to drink it due to the high salt content present in it.

How Does Brackish Water Help During Illness?

Brackish water comes handy in situations where you or your loved ones are suffering from dehydration or waterborne diseases. In the absence of pure drinking water during occurrence of natural calamity, this type of water can save your life till the time you can receive some medical help. All the drinks that are specifically created for rehydrating your body back to health contain a considerable amount of sodium content to improve your deteriorating health.

What Makes Brackish Water Devoid of Microorganisms?

Due to the presence of salt, microorganisms are unable to survive properly in such water making it one of the preferred choices for using the water. But, due to its salty taste and bad odour, people avoid using it for any purpose. Undissolved sand particles, sea minerals, and salt are prevalent in the purifiers.

In spite of being helpful during dehydration, the sodium level in brackish water is bit high when compared to normal drinking water. Anything in excessive amount like presence of excess sodium ions in blood can lead to constricted blood vessels and increase in blood volume. This may ultimately give rise to heart-related diseases, which lead to heart attacks and stroke causing untimely death. Thus, brackish water is not fit for drinking purposes.

How Can a Water Purifier Treat Brackish Water Effectively?

Brackish water requires treatment before being consumed by humans. You can do this by switching to the best range of RO purifier in India.These water purifiers have enhanced abilities to get rid of the undesirable chemicals, gases and suspended soil particles from untreated water.

When compared to sea water desalination process, the process for desalinating brackish water occurs at high pressure. The high pressure pump present in the RO system applies more pressure on salt in brackish water. They drive brackish water through semi-permeable membrane, where the filtration process takes place on a full-fledged note. Depending upon the amount of salt present in water, the pressure to be applied is decided. RO purifiers are capable of removing 99 percent of salt from brackish water, thus making pure water available for drinking purpose.

While selecting RO purifiers for your household, do not select any random RO system, which cannot effectively meet your requirements. Opt for the best RO purifier in India, which is specifically developed to treat such waters. Unlike the normal purifies, RO systems crafted for treating brackish water operate at higher level of TDS controller ranging between 1000 and 5000 ppm.

Industries, which deal with manufacturing and food processing, install such kind of RO purifiers so that brackish water can be effectively treated and the outcome of the treatment is pure, safe and odourless drinking water, which is tasty as well and contains all the necessary minerals.