Tiffany Profits Gain Momentum as China’s Demand for Luxury Rises.

Tiffany & Co are well known around the world for their luxury diamonds. New York Times recently wrote that the company has been struggling since last decade with online competition and seems to lose its luster with younger shoppers. But, profits seem to gain momentum now as shoppers in China snapped up its luxury goods.

Tiffany &Co’s high-end jewelry was the company’s strength in its previous quarter. Most of its sale came from the Asia-Pacific region, while sales surged 15 percent by approximately $283 million. This happened mainly due to the high demand in China. In addition to this, sales in Europe also rose up by approximately $110 million.

But in other parts of the world, the sale was not that good. In Japan, sales dropped around 8% to $139 million. Tiffany also managed to squeeze out a 1% sales increase in the US regions, but this was below the expectation of the company. The company said that this happened due to the foreign tourist’s slowdown that led to soft sales.

Sales at stores also dipped by 1%. Under Chief Executive Alessandro Bogliolo, the company has been trying to attract the more millennials who are not coming to their online stores. The company said e-commerce sales have gone up faster than the overall sales growth.

The New York-based company has tried some new strategies for boosting its marketing, using celebrities like Janelle and Zoe Kravitz in advertising. They are also focusing more on lowering the price of popular items such as $95 bone china cups which are becoming quite demanding in China.

According to company officials, the ups and downs are the part of the market and they hope that sooner or later things will change and they will be able to capture the market.

Jean Schlumberger, Tiffany Jeweller Bedazzles Honk Kong with a New Collection

Jean Schlumberger is a well-known designer who works for Tiffany. He is very popular for his unique concepts and great design. While some people may think that crickets are infuriating creatures, Jean on the other hand takes inspiration from them and thus launched his new collection. He thinks that these insects are just as pretty as butterflies and therefore he has created jewellery that have the shape of the cricket and their bodies sparkle with all the adorned jewellery pieces like gemstones and other colourful precious stones. The tails and legs are also very intricately designed using platinum and yellow gold.

This collection is certainly amongst the finest collections that have been created by the people of France for the last twenty years. This collection will be put on display at an event that is scheduled to take place in Honk Kong in the first week of December. The event will be a part of Masterpiece Collection which will pay a tribute to Schlumberger and all his pieces of jewellery.


He worked in Tiffany from the year 1956 up to 1970 and this has been the most creative period for Tiffany. He is amongst the most celebrated designers of all time. Kirtley says that he is a master of originality that stuns people.

Because his jewellery was so popular, he was the most sought after designer by the famous and rich people like Gloria Guiness, C.Z Guest, Duchess of Windsor, Jaqueline Kennedy and Greta Garbo.

This event which is taking place in Honk Kong is reserved for people who receive an invitation. They will be able to witness some of his best works and great forms of art like the crickets, butterflies, brilliant earrings and rings, glittering bracelets and iconic floral necklaces.