5 Useful Tips to Make Cold Pressed Juice at Home

Cold pressed juice is something that most of the health freaks vouch for. The argument in favour of cold pressed juicing is that this technique enables the extraction of maximum vitamins, minerals, enzymes and pulp from vegetables and fruits. It is basically extracted using thousands of pounds of pressure with no addition of any sort of heat or oxygen to keep the nutrients intact.

The slow-pressing or masticating juicers are such juicers in the market that can make cold pressed juice easily and efficiently at home for you. Here are few useful tips that will help you get the right kind of juice at home.

  • Get the Right Juicer: Buy the right kind of juicer that is designed specifically for making cold pressed juice. A cold press juicer is designed to slowly compress the fruits and vegetables to ‘squeeze’ out the juice. The centrifugal juicers, on the other hand, use high-speed force to separate juice from the pulp, which generates heat that oxidises the nutrients.

  • Wash Your Fruits and Vegetables: The vegetables and fruits that you get from a mall look very clean and tidy, but you should always wash them properly before putting them in a juicer. If they are contaminated, then the whole purpose of having juice will be defeated and you might end up with stomach infection.

  • Try Making It Look Green: Healthy juice is the one that has loads of greens in it. Green vegetables are packed with nutrients. It is natural for green vegetables to have chlorophyll, which when you consume through cold pressed juice, helps in oxygenating your body. They are also perfect for cleansing and detoxifying the body, improving blood circulation and boosting energy. They are safe to consume for diabetics too as the green vegetable juices do not spike blood sugar.

  • Timing Matters: Having a glass of juice after your meals is simply a waste of effort. After you have food, gulping down juice is of no use. The best time to have juice is on empty stomach. It’s best if you can have it in the morning, half an hour before your breakfast or else at least before meals. Only then, the body will be able to absorb all those amazing nutrients that are available in cold pressed juices.

  • Go Organic: The produce today is laden with chemical fertilizers, pesticides and insecticides, which even get leached into the fruits and vegetables. Having the juice of such fruits and vegetables can be more harmful than beneficial for health. Try to consume more of the organic products, which is free from all such chemicals.

There are many good cold press juicers available in the market today that promise to give the right kind of cold pressed juice. The juices extracted from them are healthier and tastier and most of the nutrients and fibre remain intact. They come with different filter screens like a fine-meshed one for hard fruits and vegetables or a wide-meshed screen for soft fruits and vegetables.

The cold pressed juices are delicious and the right way to start your day on a healthy note. Try to invest in a good slow-press or masticating juicer to get your glass of healthy juice everyday.